Let's get REEL 🎥


A step-by-step course to show you

  • Exactly how to create and optimize Reels to get more eyeballs on your business.
  • No, they don't have to be dancing ones but hey if you're a dancer I say might as well get your dance on!
  • Whatever gets you to show up is always the best strategy regardless of what people say!



Let's get our REEL on Sarah



👉🏻 Do you feel overwhelmed and completely lost now that Reels are on the scene?

👉🏼 You go to create a Reel but you're staring at your phone because you have no idea what the heck to create?

👉🏽 You have no clarity when it comes to your Reels strategy; in fact, the word strategy makes you feel even more stressed.

👉🏾 The tech side feels next level so you've been ignoring the feature altogether?

👉🏿 Reels covers?! Oh, you can make them yourself and stay on brand?



I get it a new feature comes on the scene, that you hoped would go away, so you didn't have to deal?! 

❌ Then you see everyone dancing away, and you're thinking, no thanks, definitely not doing that.

And now maybe you think ok, ok, I can do this! 🤩

Well, that's where I come in! 🙋🏻‍♀️

I have to admit I had a leg up when Reels came out because I was active on TikTok, but I was at that beginning stage not too long ago and know exactly how you feel about this new way of sharing content.

🎥 Trust me; once you get in the mode of creating content this way, you'll be wondering why you didn't do it earlier.

And dare I say you'll have fun doing it?! Yuppers girl.

Not to mention the perks of Reels like

  • Visibility
  • Sharing value-driven content aka flexin your expertise
  • Growing your community
  • Booking out your services
  • Selling products

Yes, the power of Reels has had that direct effect on my account and my management clients.


Introducing Let's get REEL


After you finish, Let's get REEL; you'll be able to. ⬇️ 

Navigate the Reels screen + edit your video

✅ Create Reels to music, talking or using the voiceover effect

✅ Create your own custom Reels cover

✅ Post your first Reel optimized to perform

Understand the app InShot, which is awesome for video editing


Who's it for?! 

🎥 Anyone who wants to use Reels to get visible, grow their brand organically and sell their products and services. 

🎥 Anyone who wants to make their first Reel, but they are nervous and have no clue where to start. 

🎥 Anyone who struggles with Reels ideas (Content Bank included)

🎥 Anyone who wants ongoing support throughout the course, which happens via the comments section


Who's it not for?

❌ Anyone whose only goal is to go viral so they can gain followers

❌ Anyone who is already versed in making Reels



Take a minute and picture this girl...


You have a content bank of ideas for your Reels.

You've filmed, edited and posted your first Reel!

Your community has noticed, and your engagement has gone up.

Your content landed in front of fresh eyes, and you have new leads flooding in.

Your account has grown, giving you the momentum you've been working hard towards.

Your account looks fly as sh*t because of your Reels covers.

You actually enjoy creating micro-video content!

Yes, all possible! Trust me, girl, that's what happened to me and my client's accounts. 


Course deets ⬇️


MODULE 1 | CONTENT -> What should you make your Reels about? Plus a content bank you can go back to again and again for inspo.

MODULE 2 | TECH -> How to film? Where to film? What to use? Over 10 tech tutorials!

MODULE 3 | WORKFLOWS -> My exact process from idea to post.

MODULE 4 | STRATEGY -> My Reel is created now what?!

MODULE 5 | BONUS CANVA TRAINING -> 30 min training where I build out the Reels cover templates included in the course!


ONLY $127


Yay! Can't wait Sarah

ONLY $127