Why you should jump on the Instagram Reels train and what to post about.

Sometimes I feel like I am screaming from the rooftops saying reels, reels, reels, but the proof is in the pudding.

Reels are Instagram's shiny new object that they want all their users to be using; implementing them into your 2021 Instagram strategy is a must. Plus, they have a longer shelf life than feed posts, so you get more bang for your buck. Lol, wow, I'm using all the puns today.

This isn't to say stop posting feed posts; this is to swap out a few of your feed posts with Reels. There are some accounts that only post Reels now, but if you want to continue building your brand, having both is the way to go. Feed posts can be reserved for your longer-form caption storytelling posts as appose to Reels is a way to share micro-video content.

Reels is another way to show off your personality, too, because, oh snap, there are some fun audios to use! Speaking of fun audio, how do we find those?

The easiest way is through the Reels screen itself. When you are scrolling through the...

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Instagram Engagement Simplified! Everything you need to know.

Creating engaging and value-packed content is the first step in building out your Instagram Strategy, but you also have to add engagement into the mix, or your content might not get seen.

What are a few different ways you can engage in the app that is genuine and good practice?

1 | Before you post, pop on the app and start engaging with people in your own feed. Even go through the list of people who follow you and give love to their latest posts. Another tip I learned recently that I started doing, before you post, like the comments you received on the prior post. They will get notified you liked their comment and potentially pop over to your account!

2 | Make sure you reply back to all your comments in a timely manner. So many times, I stumble on someone's account only to find comments hanging out on their latest post unanswered. This is no way to build your community; if someone took the time to write a comment on your post, that is awesome, but you have to engage back, girl. I...

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Where to find content inspiration for your small business on Instagram

We've all been there; you know you need to create content for your business, but you have a creative block. 

Whenever this happens, there are a few different strategic places I always look at.

  1. You Instagram insights! Look at your top-performing posts from the last 6 months and dive deeper into them. What do they look visually look like? Were most of the comments about the image or the caption? Did it have a lot of comments? Was there a ton of questions on that post? Answer any of those questions to create a caption. If someone is asking it, most likely, there is someone else who is also curious. 
  2. Answer the public! This website is awesome to find out exactly what questions your ideal audience is asking. You can get a ton of info that actual people are typing into Google and asking. Create your content, answering those questions. Honestly, if you haven't been to this website, you will be mind blown! It generates endless questions you could seriously plan whole months'...
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Planning Social Media Content for Instagram!

One of my favourite subjects to chat about is content planning.


Because I see so many business owners on Instagram wasting time posting on the spot with zero strategies, and it's not doing them any favours.

Social media is a long game, but it is such a low entry cost to build your brand. It is not for any slackers who think they can just post three times a week and not log into the app. Sorry but if that's you, you are most likely not seeing any traction.

It takes consistently posting, consistently connecting with your audience, consistently creating content. Do you see a theme here? If it were easy, my industry wouldn't be so big, lol. 

So how can you ensure that you stay consistent on Instagram plus have time to connect with your audience?

Planning content, ladies!

Now, this doesn't mean you have to stick to a rigid plan or never post in real-time. This is to help you strategically plan and guess what if you do not feel what you have planned that day; you can switch it...

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How to use Instagram Reels for your business!

Instagram Reels is so "hot right now" <insert Zoolander reference, lol>

Trying to figure out the strategy from a business standpoint is something I've been thinking about for a few weeks. Here are few ideas to get the ball rolling for anyone who is on the fence about Reels.

And if you are on the fence, I suggest taking messy action to be an early adopter as I don't see if going anywhere.


This is the perfect opportunity for product-based businesses to show people how you make your product if you're a maker or how you pack an order, taking people behind the scenes into all that goes into running your business.

Often, second nature things to us or something we don't think will be of interest end up being the most interested in us. And the best way to figure this out test test test. Make a note of the Reels that get the most engagement and what kind of questions are asked, then dive deeper into those questions creating even more Reels.

Do you see how all it...

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Who here wants to work smarter and not harder?!

Love me a good repurpose.

If you are running a business with any digital presence, you know the importance of pumping out content, and I know you feel like you're on a hamster wheel some days!

One of the best things I started doing was repurposing my content throughout my social media channels, email list and blog.

Start with long-form content like this blog post; for example, I can take one of the points and turn that into a caption or 1 point for my email list.

I like to lag Facebook for clients a week after my IG taking all the IG posts and natively posting them on Facebook as appose to sharing the same post. Facebook also likes it better if you share fresh content directly to its platform, so it typically performs better. I might switch up to say PM instead of DM on Facebook, but that's about it.

Obviously, double-checking a post isn't a day or holiday-specific, ie. Happy Friday post on IG wouldn't be ideal for a Wednesday Facebook.

Okay, so now that we chatted about pulling...

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So what's the deal with Instagram Reels?

Ok, so are you sick of everyone talking about Reels?!

Unfortunately, we can't ignore it, and you need to add it to your content strategy. I want you to think about it as not necessarily piling on more work, but more shifting the content, you were already creating if that makes sense?

Let's say you were posting 5 days a week on your feed, switch it up and doing 3 feed posts and 2 reels! Once you get the hang of reels, you will be able to create them like nobodies business, and you may find yourself creating more Reels than anything else.

Why are Reels "so hot right now?" -> cue the Zoolander reference..

They have a longer shelf life then feed posts, they are a fun way to show your personality behind the brand, and the possibilities of getting discovered are way higher than regular posts.

What type of content can you share on Reels?

  • Behind the Scenes
  • Routines (morning, mid-day, evening)
  • Book roundup
  • Mentors or people you look up to
  • Your favourite quote
  • Your why
  • Educational
  • FAQ's
  • ...
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Tips for writing captions that convert!

What is the anatomy of a caption that converts?

HOOK ~ This is what will make them stop their scroll and keep reading! When it comes to Instagram, the end goal is to keep your audience on the post; aka keep reading! Think of your hook as you would email subject lines. Start paying attention to what is coming into your inbox and enticing you to open it. Ask yourself with this catch their interest? By simply saying happy Tuesday, why would someone want to keep reading? Would you?

Pro Tip -> Just like you brainstorm subject lines for your emails, brainstorm opening lines for your captions! Heck even create one giant list for captions and subject lines. I also have a document that keeps subject lines sent to me that I liked, not to copy but for inspo!

STORY ~ What are you talking about that will keep them entertained and bursting at the seems to comment back? Whether you are doing an educational piece or service pitch, stories sell! The best way to start incorporating stories into...

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My morning workflow as a Social Media Manager

blog systems workflows Dec 04, 2019

Do you work from home? How do you start your workday?

When you're working from home, you have to have some systems or workflows in place or whoops all of a sudden you've wasted hours doing god knows what.

For me, as a social media manager, I thought I would go through my morning workflow and how I start my day + a little of my weekly schedule.

After my coffee has kicked in and I'm like ok, let's do this, aka Ethans chilling watching his show. I sit down at the kitchen table and get out my five-minute journal. I started writing this at the start of 2019 and have stuck with it! I also have a blank journal, which I write down the main goals I'm working on, which changes from month to month, or some stay the same.

Once I have written in my journals with gratitude and my manifestations I'm currently working on, then what? I open up Trello and go through my daily checklist, which is each client or brand that I have on the roster. I work my way through that list cross-checking each brand...

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My top 5 systems I use everyday to run my at home business.

When working from home with a toddler, I have quickly realized you need to have some systems or schedule in place or whoops there goes your day and hello working till midnight.

I recently switched over the entire way I work, and I have been saving hours. Without realizing, I guess I have slowly been changing everything over in the last year or since I started working with clients but only honed on it as of late.

Ok, so maybe you thinking alrighty Sarah fill me in. First of all, before I get into how I organize everything from the back end, I should preference I batch work as much as I can, especially when it comes to shooting content and writing copy. So when I say I go in Later to schedule posts, I have my content all ready to go — pictures in one folder and a doc with all my captions (for clients too!).

Here are the top 5 systems I use every day to ensure I am using my time wisely when it's time to work, aka when Ethan is napping or watching morning cartoons. I tend to work...

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